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polymer composite definition glossary

polymer composite definition glossary

An-Cor DKG Understanding Fiberglass - Glossary of Definitions

composite A reinforcing fiber in a resin matrix whose cumulative properties are superior to the individual materials. COMPOUND An intimate admixture of (a) polymer(s) with all the materials necessary for the finished product.

Glossary of Advanced Manufacturing Terms

While we have made every effort to present current and accurate definitions, the glossary should be considered as a resource Examples of engineered composite materials include: carbon fiber-reinforced polymers, metal matric composites, 

Compendium of Polymer Terminology and Nomenclature - iupac

3 Mar 2017 definitions of Terms Related to polymer Blends, composites, and. Multiphase polymeric Materials (2004), 186. 10 Terminology of polymers Containing Ionizable or Ionic Groups and of. polymers Containing Ions (2006), 205.

Material Terminology Glossary - Myrdal Orthopedic Technologies

Page 1 of 29. Material Terminology glossary Page 3 of 29. Term. definition / Interpretation. Addition-cure. Moldmaking products are characterized by extremely low shrinkage .. high-modulus reinforcement in plastic composites. Laminating.

Polymers: Glossary

branched polymer: polymer having smaller chains attached to the polymer backbone. cellulose: a natural polymer found in wood and other plant material. composite polymer: a filled or reinforced plastic. condensation polymer: one in which 

Polymer matrix composite definition and - Collins Dictionary

polymer matrix composite definition: A polymer matrix composite is a material consisting of a composite made stronger by Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

Glossary - Hexagon Composites ASA

Collective term for activities relating to health protection, environmental protection, working environment and employee composite, Combination of glass/carbon fibre and thermosetting plastic, exploiting the malleability of the plastic and the 

Dental Terms Defined Dental Exam Near Me Denver Dentist

Source For Excellent Dental Care. We Strive To Keep Our Patients Educated On Industry Terminology. Bonding - applying a tooth-colored plastic composite on the teeth, typically used to improve their appearance. Bridge - Dental bridges 

Glossary - Fiberglass Supply

Bag Molding, A technique for forming plastic laminates or composites by means of Catalyst In the common terminology of the reinforced composite industry, a . Cross-Linking, The process of bridging two polymer chains which converts a.

Plastic Industry Glossary of Terms Plastics-Car

Our plastic industry glossary of terms will help you understand relevant terms and phrases. Bulk-molding compounds are used as a premix in composite manufacturing. A BMC consists of a mixture of resin, reinforcements, inert fillers, and 

Definitions of Terms Relating to Reactions of Polymers and

However, a clear and uniform terminology covering the whole field of reactions and functionalization of polymers has not been .. The resulting materials are referred to as conducting polymer composites or polymer-electrolyte composites.

Glossary of Terms Composites UK

Additives: the term used for a large number of specialist chemicals which are added to resins/compounds to impart specific The predominant reinforcement for polymer composites, it is known for its good strength, processability and low cost.

Plastics Glossary of Terms Modern Plastics

This meaning is peculiar to plastics and rubber industries and may not be an adhesive composition. composite – 1) a structure or an entity made up of distinct components. Cross-linking – the setting-up of chemical valence links between the molecular chains of polymer molecules, leading to the formation of a 

Glossary of plastic materials - PolyAlto

In this glossary, Groupe PolyAlto provides a definition of the main categories of plastic materials available in our inventory. Also referred as composites, laminated plastics are thermoset products made from resin impregnated of reinforcing 

definitions of terms related to polymer blends, composites - iupac

definitions of terms related to polymer blends, composites, and multiphase polymeric materials. (IUPAC Recommendations 2004). Abstract: The document defines the terms most commonly encountered in the field of polymer blends and 

Plastic Glossary of Terms Emco Industrial Plastics

A general term for monovalent aliphatic hydrocarbon radicals. Alloy composite material made up by blending polymers or copolymers with other polymers or elastomers under selected conditions, e.g., styrene-acrylonitryle copolymer resins 

Reinforced plastics: glossary of terms - Materials Today

19 Sep 2012 Technical terms frequently encountered in the fibre reinforced plastic composites industry. A composite material is defined as a combination of two or more materials that results in better properties than when the individual 

Glossary of Definitions - Precisioneering

composite A reinforcing fiber in a resin matrix whose cumulative properties are superior to the individual materials. COMPOUND An intimate admixture of (a) polymer(s) with all the materials necessary for the finished product.

Definitions /Dictionary/Glossary - nptel

high-modulus reinforcement in plastic composites. Arcing: This spray method should normally be avoided as it consists of directing spray passes by gun rotation at the wrist (arcing), as opposed to the conventional stroke from the shoulder,.

Glossary of Composite Terms Fibre Glast

An introduction to help learn the of composites. The resin or cementing constituent (of a plastic compound) that holds the other components together. The agent . In the United Kingdom, the term often refers to accidental damage.

GCI Resources - Glossary - General Composites Inc

The following definitions for commonly used terms pertaining to the composites industry have been compiled from the . Once started, the polymer molecule grows rapidly by a chain of reactions emanating from a particular reactive initiator 

Glossary - Composites One

Additive: A material used to modify the properties of polymer resins. Examples include plasticizers, initiators, light stabilizers and flame-retardants. Adhesion: The state in which two surfaces are held together by an interlocking action or force.

COMPOSITES terminology - Composites Universal Group

compositeS terminology is essential in understanding all the processes and the materials required in this technology. A polymer which when spun into fiber is used as a precursor material in the manufacture of certain carbon fibers.

Composite materials – is the use of proper definitions important

Do single polymer composites represent a new class of polymer composites or not? At the same time, the importance of the formulation of the respective proper terms, definitions and nomenclatures seems to be underestimated.

Glossary Composite Panel Association

glossary. Need help deciphering a composite panel or decorative surfacing product? Check out our glossary! Most often used to characterize the weight of paper products; in the decorative overlay industry the basis weight is defined as the weight in pounds (or grams) per square feet (or square meter) of polymer is passed through heated rolls, moving at varying rates, to reduce the film thickness.

Glossary - Spartec Composites

composites terminology is important to ensure you understand the properties and benefits of composites. Read our composites terms for a full understanding. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic(CFRP). Typical carbon fiber laminate 

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